Do you know how to react if your car gets into an oversteer and the rear tires begin to skid?  Do you know how to properly use ABS in an emergency braking situation and avoid an obstacle when timing and reaction are critical? Even if you know what to do, will you do it in time? 

Brought to you by pro-driver and 3x drift Guinness World Record holder Johan Schwartz, Total Car Control covers these situations and more using exercises such as wet skid pad training, dry and wet ABS/threshold braking and emergency avoidance maneuvering in a safe, fun training environment designed to enable you to experience and practice these skills, improve your reflexes, and build your muscle memory.

Total Car Control engages all experience levels, from beginner teen drivers to experienced drivers needing a refresher or contemporary education on how to handle challenges behind the wheel.  Learn how the stability control technology available in modern cars works and experience it first-hand.  Understand why it is still important to know what to do even with this technology at work in your vehicle. Learn to use your eyes to tell your hands what to do.  

Car control skills are learned techniques. Our classroom is behind the wheel and our program is held at select facilities which are safe and easy on the car and tires. Enhance your ability to be a safe and confident driver with the skills taught and practiced at Total Car Control.


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