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80+ Cars at PWC Finale

                                                              A special thank you

to those who have helped me in the past and those who

are helping now - running a full season for the

championship in a professional level series has always

been a dream of mine.  It is an honor to not only go after

my dream, but turn it into a way to give back in the form

of Men's Health - Prostate Cancer Awareness.   

From Johan:

OUr Story:

Thank You!

You helped us make an impact:    Our goal was

to raise $10,000 in 10 days with the funds being used to

continue and further develope our platform to raise

awareness for Prostate Cancer through our racing and

at track events.  Thanks to many gifters we exceeded

our goal raising $12,500 in 9 days.

We are leaving our campaign video up because we 

beleive the facts about prostate cancer presented are 

important to learn and/or be reminded of.


Click on ZERO for comprehensive information from diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery.  Check out upcoming locations for Run/Walks.

Background:  Johan Schwartz Racing is a team effort for Johan and me at home, at the race track, and running our

business interests. We have two very active children, Johan (11) and Alden (7) who love soccer, swimming and tennis. 

Together we ran our own business, Endurance Karting, for 12 years, an arrive and drive format using karts for schools,

endurance races, charity events and corporate team building events. In 2013, we sold our business to pursue other

opportunities, one of which was to focus on Johan’s personal racing, road racing to be exact.

Last October, we decided to dedicate our time to developing the necessary sponsorship and marketing to put Johan in a car for a full race season and selected the road racing series Pirelli World Challenge. Going into this project, we knew

Johan would have a good shot at the championship, but most certainly podium finishes.  We determined it would be best to share our successes for a great cause.

 My family has a deep and long history with cancer.  My

grandmother died at 45 from cancer (she had two different kinds.),

one of her sisters died at 42 leaving two young children, and 6 out

of 8 of her other siblings also had various forms of cancer in their

lieftime. In 1979, my family became part of a study by a young

researcher named Mary-Claire King, who is credited with

discovering the BRCA 1 gene in 1990. My family, a large and

extended one with 10 Tomkins children at my grandmother’s

generation, has continued in the study. Many of my father’s

generation and their children carry the cancer gene.  My father does not; therefore, I am not a carrier. Not being a carrier has only fueled my desire to serve the cancer community, as so many members of my family carry a burden of being a genetic carrier.

Cancer and Racing:  Now the part of the story where racing and Prostate Cancer come together:  Both Johan’s and my mothers are cancer survivors (breast and uterine cancer, respectively), so cancer has hit close to home. Johan and I both have marketing and business backgrounds that spans beyond our go-kart business; Johan has an MBA and worked for Fidelity and Mullen Advertising, and I worked in telecom, pharmaceuticals and HR. 

About four years ago while driving home, we passed a pink backhoe on display for Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink was also making its way onto several NASCAR cars at this time.  In that moment, I asked aloud, “Why isn’t anyone doing this for men? Does Prostate Cancer have a color and ribbon?”  I said to Johan, “When we are able to get you in a race car full time, we are going to promote men’s health.” Immediately upon returning home, I discovered Prostate Cancer has a light blue ribbon. 

2015 Racing Season:  Fast forward to last October. The time is finally

here to put Johan in a car for the full season, and we have made Prostate

Cancer Awareness:  Early Detection + Education = Best Outcome our

cause and campaign. My research led me to the non-profit ZERO Cancer:

The End of Prostate Cancer. We reached out and established a partnership to bring awareness to the racing community. We looked to our immediate network for sponsorship with the

goal of making this season about Prostate Cancer Awareness our top

priority. Our network was enthused; however, we had missed most budget deadlines, so we knew we were likely going to come up short in funding the car. That did not deter us because this was too important. John McAleer with CASGroup believed in us and our cause and became a gold level sponsor.  Smaller sponsors have also helped get us this far in the season, including Custom DieCasts, Eventville, Celestial Products and TechSport Racing.

In the middle of pulling all of this together and just days before Christmas, my Uncle Dennis announced he had been

diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. It has hit close to home for sure.  My uncle, a BRCA II gene carrier, has

regular checkups, and still here he is, a battle ahead of him. I am only further fueled.  We have to get the word out there.  We have to make a difference.

RaceSeason Report - Heading to Finales: The season is now half way completed – we have five

event weekends behind us, a total of 15 races and Johan's record is:

                     10                1st place finishes/points for first place

                       1                 2nd place finish

                       1                 3rd place finish

               numerous         fastest lap of the race honors, most laps led

                                          and other special awards

These have been wins not only for Johan, but also for Prostate

Cancer Awareness and, as we have worked hard

and gotten great coverage with the commentators during live

streaming of the races and the one- hour highlight show on CBS Sports one week after each event weekend. There

have been successes, and as of now, the beginning of August, Johan leads the championship standings by one point.

We plan to finish the season strong.  See details about race resutls.

Our final three races are coming up at Laguna Seca, September 11th -14th and we are excited that the season finale

is the weekend prior to National Prostate Cancer Awareness week. We have the opportunity to make a splash and

plan to do just that!

Goals in Making a Difference for Prostate Cancer Awareness:  When we first

started this project, our goal was to get the message accross on the race car.  As each day

continued in putting the program together and we learned more and more facts about

Prostate Cancer, it became clear - it simply wasn't enough  The opportunity is in front of us to

help make an impact for the men and families of today, for our childrens generation, and

generations to come.  We know this is only a start to what we can and will do bringing the

message of Prostate Cancer Awareness and Early Deterction front and center.

OUr 10 day $10,000 campaign:

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