PROUD FATHER:  My son, Johan (JJ) Schwartz, aspires to be a pro gamer.  Although it isn't racing, I can relate to the drive and passion he has because when I was his age I had the same bug, or as my parents would describe, obsession, for what I wanted to do in life.  Since my son came to my wife and I and said, I am really serious about gaming and I want to go pro, we have done our best to learn about the gaming world and the specific games he plays, CSGO and now Fortnite, so we can best support his dream and his passion.  Statistics say that the odds of winning the lottery for $1,000,000 two times is better than becoming a pro gamer, but this does not deter JJ in the least. 

Gaming is not a hobby for JJ.   It is not how he just wants to just pass his time.  He has goals with his gaming, a routine and he knows where he wants to go with it.  Two years ago my wife sat down with JJ and mapped out his next five years, 8th grade - 12th grade.  She listened to his desire to exit high school early so he could focus on d getting on with a pro team.  She held firm with JJ the need for education first and that one of our jobs as parents is to use our experience and maturity to make sure that as many doors stay open for him as possible, even though he may not understand the importance of each door at this stage of his life.  With JJ's trust, even though he a bright and gifted student and has not quiet accepted the need for school, class selections were made so JJ would be one year ahead of his designated grade.  He is currently a freshman in high school but has enough credits to be finishing sophmore year credit wise.  Our deal with JJ is if he gets signed to a pro team before he has graduated high school he can get his GED, but he has to have completed junior year credits.  

In the last two years I have taken JJ to two gaming competitions as a spectator to give him the opportunity to experience the environment.  At this time his primary game was CSGO and we attended Dreamhack in Denver, CO and EMajors in Boston, MA.  My learning curve is huge in gaming itself, but what I knew I had the opportunity to do with these trips is start to show JJ the importance of developing networking skills.  We had a great trip and