Awards Dinner

Acceptance Speech

TechSport Racing wins Team

Championship for TCB.

Growing up in Denmark there weren't many outlets to pursue my passion of racing.  When I came to the states for college the 24 Hours of Daytona was on my priority list.  Watching that first time I knew my new goal was to someday race it myself.  Little did I know at that time what it takes to be in professional racing.

Fast forward to this season:  Those of you who have followed the TCB class knows during the season we gained some weight and suffered from closed windpipes, but as a team we persevered.

It has been a season of many victories - including putting Chevrolet on top of the podium for the first time in TCB at the season opener at COTA.  Now, to be the first to win a Touring Car B championship for an American manufacture and first for Touring Car since 1994, which was also a Chevrolet, it's incredible and I wish my dad were alive to have been part of it as he was always watching live timing and scoring of my races on his computer from Denmark.

Many thanks to my primary sponsors John McAleer with CAS Group and Thomas Koch of Promatec.

Dave Caldwell and Jim Campbell for Chevrolets support and providing us with the best paying contingency throughout the season. $100k (;-) for the championship is not bad either.  Just make the check out to my wife, she has already spend it.

John Heinricy, who took a 60/40 weight distribution car at 2,650 lbs. base weight, plus 134 pounds rewards weight, and made it competitive for GM. Thanks John, it has been fun working with you throughout the season.

Thank you World Challenge for offering this class and the opportunity to get exposure both as a driver and for sponsors.

MOMO for keeping me safe and cool.

Pirelli - some events we only used a total of 4 new tires, a testament to your quality and durability, even with 3 races a weekend.

Kevin Anderson and Techsport crew of Keith, Jason, Devin, and Debbie, for giving me a competitive and reliable car and never showing the stress we were under at times.

Mike Skeen for shortening the learning curve when going to a new track.

Hawk brake pads.

Randy Pobst for supporting our Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign that we did for this race weekend.

Buz McCall and Jack Baldwin - way back then you were race Hero’s to me and still are today.

Other thanks to Nick Short and Tom Noble.

And Marcus for your humor.  One of the times that we got a smaller restrictor, he said “look at it this way you are letting out less greenhouse gasses now.”  That immediately took all my concerns away.

The biggest thank you goes to my wife Karen who has worked endlessly to make this season happen from start to finish. She is also the reason why we raised a total of $12,600 for our Prostate Cancer campaign in 9 days and why over 70 of the cars this weekend carried the blue ribbons recognizing National Prostate Cancer Awareness month.  She is my biggest cheerleader and reminds me and our kids that we should always pursue our dreams.

We are taking the day off tomorrow but then right back to work getting the 2016 season figured out.  Thanks again for a great season.

Chevrolet/GM Champions: Micheal Copper (GTS),Johnny O'Connell (GT), David Caldwell (GM Program Manager) and Johan Schwartz (TCB)


Pirelli World Challenge

Today Johan won the TCB Championship in Pirelli

World Challenge!  Where as the weekend did not end

in podium finishes for our #25 ZERO: The End of

Prostate Cancer TechSport/CASgroup/Promatex/

Serengeti car, our season's wins, pole positions and

fastest lap points added up in our favor.  

Sunday's award banquet was a great showing for

Chevrolet/GM with Johan's TCB Championship in the

Sonic, Michael Cooper's GTS Championship in a

Camaro and Johnny O'Connell's GT Championship

in a Cadillac CTS-V.  

As we finish a very long day from an exciting 5 days at

here at Laguna Seca, CA we wanted to say thank you to

all who follow our newsletter.

This afternoon and this evening there have been numerous

emails, texts and voice mails from so many of you showing

support and congratulations.  It has made this victory extra

special.  Stay tuned for more photos and news from season

finale at Laguna Seca and the next racing adventure is next!