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Drift Record #2

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Skid pad coaching

  • Enhance your ability to be a safe and confident driver.
  • Car control skills are learned techniques.
  • Our classroom is behind the wheel and our program is held at select facilities. 
  • Engages new drivers to the experienced drivers looking for a contemporary refresher.
  • Improve your reflexes, and build your muscle memory. 
  • Use your own car or rent one of ours. 

Home Track

BMW M240 iR

Full track

BMW Commercial


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Johan's passion for cars was evident by age 6 when he had his own rating for cars listed in the Danish version of Consumer Reports for school.  It only grew from here and today Johan has blended his passion for racing, his talent in precision driving, ability to communicate and help other racers grow under his instruction and his business experience.  Today Johan not only races at a professional level, he also coaches and does data analysis for teams.

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