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Johan & Team Win 1st Race of Battle of the Continents (TC)

3 Drift World Records

Articles By Johan: 

Johan is the Guinness World Record Holder for the longest continuous drift (2013), longest twin drift (2018) and longest distance drifted in 8 hrs.

Check out all the videos and details from these three drift records!


Virtual TrackWalks Available OnDemand: Get turn by turn tips and coaching from Mike Skeen and Johan Schwartz via their Circuit Studies Webinars.


Virginia International Raceway (VIR)                      Lime Rock

​Circuit of the Americas (COTA)                              Road Atlanta

Indianapolis Speedway                                          Watkins Glen

Road America                                                        Sebring


First race was in Dubai.  Three races total with next two in Barcelona & COTA

Johan joins American XKart for Pike Peek 2020

Johan and HARD Motorsport have partnered for the 2020 TC America season with the first race at COTA March 6-8.  Press Release   Weekend Race Schedule

Johan partners with HARD Motorsport for 2020 TC America

Private Coaching:  Johan helps drivers find their potential ontrack while also improving a drivers off track activities that help grow the ontrack skills.  Contact Johan

2019: TC Champion & #2 in World for BMW Sports Cup

Stay tuned for details, photos and the excitement prepping for the great Pikes Peak!

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Johan's passion for cars was evident by age 6 when he had his own rating for cars listed in the Danish version of Consumer Reports for school.  It only grew from here and today Johan has blended his passion for racing, his talent in precision driving, ability to communicate and help other racers grow under his instruction and his business experience.  Today Johan not only races at a professional level, he also coaches and does data analysis for teams.

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