When coaching people here are the five most common mistakes I witness.  1) Low Eyes, 2) Early Apexing, 3) Not using the brake hard or quickly enough for a full threshold brake corner, 4) Getting on the gas too soon and too hard, 5) Not using all of the track.  

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By becoming a sponsor of Johan Schwartz Racing - Prostate Cancer Awareness team you will be helping us reach over 1,000,000 through live streaming and on demand replays of the races and social media outlets. Contact Us.

It's more than just being a good driver - It's a passion for precision, speed, and flawless execution on the track while understanding the business off the track.​  Just like other sports, it requires regular conditioning of the mind, body and dexterity of fine

We are dedicating our racing seaso to Prostate Cancer Awareness by bringing the spotlight on this insidious and prevalent disease.  Approximately 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Early detection is imperative. This means knowing if you are high risk and being diligent with annual exams, especially men who are 40+.  Just after starting our campaign, we found out a close family member had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  This season is dedicated to Dennis B. and all the men battling prostate cancer. Join us in helping to get the word out on getting that simple checkup that can save the life of those we care about.  The learn more about prostate cancer visit www.ZEROcancer.org.

Dedicating 2015 Season to:

Prostate Cancer Awareness

making the news:



  • Next Race:  Mid Ohio August 14-16  details
  • Road America Results:  Although the weekend did not go as we had hoped due to required BoP changes, we placed third in the first race of the weekend and are looking ahead to Mid Ohio.  ​Click here  
  • Results from Mosport (Canadian Tire
    Motorsports Park).
    races 4-6. Johan earns
    ​first place points for all three races!  Click here
  • Johan makes History for Chevy with
    1st Touring Car win...
    making it better was
    being 3
    for 3 Wins at season opening: Click here
  • Who is ZERO?  ZERO- The End of Prostate Cancer is an invaluable resource for men ​about their prostate
    health.  You don't have to have prostate cancer
    to benefit from information provided by ZERO.  Like our race car says:Early Detection + Education = BEST OUTCOME.  
    Check out ZEROcancer.org today!

  • CAS Group comes on board as a major
    We welcome CAS Group out of GA as
    ​a major sponsor for Johan Schwartz Racing's World Challenge Season.  CAS Group was also a sponsor on the World Record Drift car.  
  • Welcome 2015 Sponsors:  This season we have CAS Group, Techsport Racing, Eventville, MoonCalandar.com, and Anonymous Donor 1, 2 &3 as sponsors - helping our team bring the message of Prostate Cancer Awareness and Early detection to the spotlght!
  • World Challenge Highlights:  Johan's wins from 2014 season can be seen here:

  • It's the Books!!!:  Johan's 2013 World Record
    made it in the 60th Addition Guinness Record Book.  
    Sponsors ​on the car arevgetting a lot of mileage from
    their donation.  ​.

  • Continental Tire Autograph session with Richard Petty:  Johan was invited as a featured driver for a special fan day at Continental Tire with 4 others including Richard Petty.


"When the opportunity to be part of something truly unique presents itself, you just have to jump in with two feet and make it fun and share the excitement of the moment with others." Johan Schwartz commenting about the World Record Drift.

Quotes: about setting a World Record

Over 1 Million YouTube viewers have watched Johan break the world record. It was recent broken.  In works: Getting

 the title back - Spring 2015.


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World Record

Longest Drift

Pirelli World Challenge has an exciting schedule lined up for TCB.  Races will be live streamed on ​World Challenge and on demand via CBSsports.  COTA, TX (March), Canandian Motorsports Park, Ont (May), Road America, WI (June), Mid-Ohio, OH (August), 
Miller, UT (August), Laguna
​Seca, CA (September).

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